Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rangers % chance of making Playoffs- 27% as of 3/7/10 is a comprehensive sports data website compiling stats on chances teams have of making the playoffs on a percentage chance basis.  Their method of number crunching involves a few methods of deciding the odds a team has of proceeding forward. I wont bore you with the details here, its explained pretty well on their site if you desire. 

As of today, March 7,2010- pre Rangers/Buffalo @7pm- the Rangers have a 27% chance of making it into the playoffs. Their loss last night, along with the Canadians and Bruins wins, set the Rangers back 9% last night alone. A win today could bring them back up about 7% and Canadians, Thrashers and Bruins losses could give them a bump as well.  Check out the Rangers page here...NY Rangers Playoff Chances 2010

Obviously this is only math and who really pays attention to stuff like math and science, we believe in the boys in blue. But still, a fun thing to keep track of as we wind down these last 17 or so games.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a few Rangers did over Olympic Break....

For a little trade deadline talk break, here's an NHL Insider article on talking about what a few NHL players did over the Olympic break. There is a large constituent of Rangers players featured for some odd reason. Below is the segment on Rangers players, click on link for the full article.

"Vinny Prospal of the New York Rangers took advantage of the break for a trip to Florida.

"It was really great for me and for my family," said Prospal, a former member of the Tampa Bay Lightning who still maintains a home in Tampa. "We went to Busch Gardens, got some sun, visited restaurants that we haven’t been to in a while. It was really great.

"I’ve tried to see almost all of the games," said Prospal, a native of the Czech Republic who represented his country in the 2006 Winter Games. "It’s hard watching from far away, but the Czechs better play better than they did (Tuesday) night."

Rangers teammate Enver Lisin said he did some scuba diving during the break and rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto returned home to Stouffville, Ontario, for a brief stay before collecting his parents and treating them to a vacation together in beautiful Turks and Caicos. 

"I took my parents away, and it was real quiet and relaxing," said Del Zotto, who was not permitted to go in the water due to the 50 stitches that are still zippered across his torso, which was cut by Evgeni Malkin’s skate blade. "I just laid out all day."

Not all of the players sought out tropical destinations for the extended mid-season break, however. Erik Christensen, for example, went home to visit family and friends in Edmonton, Alberta, where he pointed out wryly that the temperature was "just a bit colder than it was (in New York)."

Full article: NHL Insider