Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blair Betts may be a Flyer in a few weeks...

News is that Blair Betts has been invited by the Philadelphia Flyers to attend their training camp. Good news for Betts who has been waiting around for a team, since the Rangers lost interest in him a few months ago. My opinion is that letting Bettsy go was a bad move, as he was the Rangers' best penalty killer and shot blocker possibly one of the best PK in the league.

We'll see in a few weeks if Betts ends up as a fourth liner for the Flyers, chances are the Flyers would be glad to take him. If thats the case, the Rangers will be seeing him at least 6 times a year (not counting possible playoffs); and unless our powerplay takes a 180degree turn for the better this year, his PK skills will probably come back to bite us.

                     (Photo Courtesy of Rangers Report)

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