Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vinny Prospal has some words about Torts

In an article by Damian Cristodero at, Vinny Prospal has a few words about his previous and now soon to be coach, John Tortorella:

"The thing is, the relationship I have with Torts is way beyond coach and player," Prospal said. "I saw him even last year when he didn't have a job and was on TV and we were in contact. we stopped by his place two or three times, and we talked about other stuff than just hockey. The way people see it is because of that incident, what I said after the game against Montreal. people don't realize it has nothing to do with the relationship between us. That was always about hockey. For some reason, Torts has some kind of power or vision of how to make me play better, and it works."
More Prospal on Torts: "He's got a game face on nine months out of the year. There's nothing else for him but the game of hockey. People don't realize when hockey is over, he's a totally different person."
Contrast this to what Prospal had to say about his coach in a postgame interview two seasons back when Torts, then the Tampa Bay Lightning coach, bumped him down a line to try to get Brad Richards more scoring opportunities. 
From what Vinny said this time around about Torts and the impact he has on his game, Vinny's performance this season will be something to look forward to. He should have a strong season and register at least 20 goals for the Rangers if not more, which would be a steal for his free agency sticker price.

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