Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waiting for Dubinsky

Over these past few weeks the issue of Brandon Dubinsky's signing has been at the forefront of Rangers news.  Supposedly, Dubinsky definitely wants to return as a NY Ranger and Glen Sather and the Ranger organization shares that same desire.  So the back and forth between Sather and Dubinsky's agent, Kurt Overhardt, has been and still is about the money involved.  From what I understand, Sather has the upper hand in this case, as Dubinsky is still a youngster and is a restricted free agent.  So, Sather has the right to low ball him and try to get him for cheap at least for this year.

The only thing that puzzles me is how this whole negotiation situation could be taking so long. I always thought that a negotiation starts with one side presenting an offer, the other side providing their counter-offer and then a compromise is made somewhere in the middle. Obviously I understand that its not exactly that simple, but it shouldn't be as complicated as it has been made up to this point. This whole process has been going on for so long that obviously both sides (Sather and Dubinsky's agent) know what they want and what the other side wants. How much more negotiation can be going on?? It has come to a point, so late in training camp, that each side should be coming to a breaking point. If the Rangers can't get him for the price they want and Dubinsky cant get what he feels he's worth, why even bother with the further "negotiations", lets just all move on.

Dubinsky is the one getting the short end of the stick here, because if he does end up settling and signing with the Rangers, he would have missed Tortorella's world famous training camp and will be that much more behind his teammates in his readiness for the upcoming season. Likewise, if he ends up on another team, he will have missed their training camp as well.

It seems as though there is something we aren't being told...simple contract negotiation between two very interested parties should not take this long...

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